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One of my visirs to Leuven in Belgium for my cancer treatment corresponded with a General Strike of the Paris suburban rail and metro transport.

On the outward journey, time was tight so I was obliged to grab hold of a passing taxi. But on the return, I had over three hours between trains.

As a result, I decided to take my courage in my hands and walk across the city. A mere 5.5 kilometres in a straight line but if you go the way that I went, it worked out as 7.5 kilometres becauee despite having a heavy rucksack and a carrier bag of heavy shopping, I was determined to see something of the city.

To my surprise, it only took me about 1 hour and 50 minutes or so, even with stopping to take a pile of pictures. So until I find the time to write up the notes you can admire the photos in all their glory ... "he really means "gory"" - ed.

As usual, click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

hotel terminus nord rue de dunkerque paris france HOTEL TERMINUS NORD RUE DE DUNKERQUE PARIS FRANCE

beautiful building Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière rue bergere paris france BEAUTIFUL BUILDING RUE DU FAUBOURG POISSONNIÈRE RUE BERGERE PARIS FRANCE

art deco building rex studios boulevard Poissonnière  paris france ART DECO BUILDING REX STUDIOS BOULEVARD POISSONNIÈRE PARIS FRANCE

rue des Petits Carreaux paris france RUE DES PETITS CARREAUX PARIS FRANCE

eglise st eustache les halles paris france EGLISE ST EUSTACHE LES HALLES PARIS FRANCE

bourse de commerce les halles paris france BOURSE DE COMMERCE LES HALLES PARIS FRANCE

westfield forum les halles paris france WESTFIELD FORUM LES HALLES PARIS FRANCE

la samaritaine quai du louvre paris france LA SAMARITAINE QUAI DU LOUVRE PARIS FRANCE

eiffel tower paris france EIFFEL TOWER PARIS FRANCE

I seem to have cut off the top! Oh dear!

river seine paris france RIVER SEINE PARIS FRANCE

eiffel tower paris france EIFFEL TOWER PARIS FRANCE

river seine monnaie de paris paris france RIVER SEINE MONNAIE DE PARIS PARIS FRANCE

river seine paris france RIVER SEINE PARIS FRANCE

notre dame paris france NOTRE DAME PARIS FRANCE

river seine pont neuf louvre museum paris france RIVER SEINE PONT NEUF LOUVRE MUSEUM PARIS FRANCE

motor bike sidecar rue de buci paris france MOTOR BIKE SIDECAR RUE DE BUCI PARIS FRANCE

inflatable polar bears boulevard st germain paris france INFLATABLE POLAR BEARS BOULEVARD ST GERMAIN PARIS FRANC

chambre de bonne for sale paris france CHAMBRE DE BONNE FOR SALE PARIS FRANCE

9m², or 90 square feet. That's smaller than my bathroom. And on the sixth floor with no lift either.

garage box for sale paris france GARAGE BOX FOR SALE PARIS FRANCE

And if you can't afford that, you can always buy a garage for your car.

tour de montparnasse rue de rennes paris france TOUR DE MONTPARNASSE RUE DE RENNES PARIS FRANCE

electric vehicle charging points rue de rennes paris france ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING POINTS RUE DE RENNES PARIS FRANCE

gare montparnasse boulevard de vaugirard paris france GARE MONTPARNASSE BOULEVARD DE VAUGIRARD PARIS FRANCE

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